Being an entrepreneur is to be an opportunity taker as an ambitious problem solver, and not give up.

There will be many problems that will be faced if we take this path. Many think that being an entrepreneur is a boss who is cool, has lots of money, lives relaxed, is famous to become an idol. But that is a wrong perspective.

At first.

An entrepreneur was a person who had a strong idea in himself, then dared to try, even though he often failed. Becoming an Entrepreneur is daring to face what’s coming. But not only just brave then stepped up, it was like people who advanced to die on the battlefield.

The idea that they had in mind, they did research, carried out studies that supported their ideas. While trying things that previously limited their ideas to develop.
Problems must exist and confront, but they will definitely move immediately to solve the problem. The problem is like leaves from trees that fall every day and they will clean it.

Problems and Needs in the market.

The needs or problems that exist in the market are an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Take it or take it off. There are only two choices.

Of course elite entrepreneurs will not let go of opportunities. Even though you won’t know what the future will be. What they know is that if they don’t try, they will never know if there is gold in the ground.

If we take the needs needed by the market, then we are ready to process and make it a big and continuous profit. But surely there will be obstacles that will confront.

Likewise being a problem solver on the market, is a decision that must be considered carefully. And surely there will be obstacles in solving the problem so that it can become a good profit.

They will work and think harder than people in general. Because being an entrepreneur is not becoming a current follower, but being a stream maker, while solving every obstacle that makes the flow jam.

And because of this attitude, that makes a businessman grow big, leading them to the gate of success.

The Meaning of Success.

For entrepreneurs, success is not an end. But it is a place to take a break. They will continue to think and move to make progress, develop, or resolve new problems that come, or meet new needs in the market.

Because even though it has become big, even to become a big company, it does not mean without any problems. The problem that will be faced is even greater.


Becoming an entrepreneur, not like people in general. Because an entrepreneur is a person who makes a flow, it is not fish that follow the current and flowing currents. Of course, it’s not an easy task, and not everyone can.

Not only determined by capital. But it is also determined by a hard work, thinking hard, never giving up, and good cooperation.

Because with the above factors, it is like making a large container to hold water. The bigger the container, the more water will be collected. That is called luck.

Be passionate about being an entrepreneur! Good luck!