The First Step in Building Entrepreneurship


Today many people are successful in building their own businesses. It seems that building a business on its own is indeed mushrooming in the community. If in the past there were many people who were hesitant to build a business if they did not have large capital, now the trend is changing. The community is more courageous to build a business, even if the capital is in the form of small amounts of money. But it must be admitted that building a business is not an easy thing to do.

There is no instant business, so don’t even think of building a business directly from a large scale. The right step that can be done is to start the business, even though in a simple way at the beginning but still must be developed so that it continues to grow and innovate. A business must always be developed gradually in accordance with the ability so that there is a strong foundation in it. In addition, there is also a balance between workload and value of income. Before starting a business, you should take the initial steps to build entrepreneurship in the following ways.

  • Determine the business field

The first step that is so important to do is to determine what line of business you will run. Then make sure you have an example of the business that has proven successful. If you have, you can certainly imitate how the business model they run to succeed. Then how do they deal with various failures that confront them.

  • Conducting business surveys

After determining what business field you will run, the next step that must be done is to conduct a survey or observation of the surrounding environment. Surveys like this certainly must be done so that you can find out market conditions.

  • Looking for the right partner

After determining the business field you want to pursue, now is the time for you to find the right and reliable work partner. Remember, look for coworkers who can be useful in every element of your business, such as sharing capital, division of labor, and resolving problems that will arise later. By having a partner, you will not be alone when problems occur in the business being run.

  • Appreciate the best time possible

You need to understand that business is a different world, so there will be no time to manage you. Then many entrepreneurs fail because they cannot manage their time well, especially for entrepreneurs engaged in the service sector. As an entrepreneur, actually your time is even wider than the employee. As much as possible try to make a regular and timely schedule. Remember, just a little complacent, business competitors are ready to take over your customers.

  • Become a model employee

Being an exemplary employee meant here is working as well as possible in your business. Inevitably, you must always be a model and best employee at all times in the business you run.

  • Mastering marketing well

In the world of entrepreneurship, you are likened to a marketing manager, even if you don’t have a background in the marketing world. You must master the sales technique well, then also have the expertise to communicate with customers. Remember, you must be the person who understands your business the most, so you can provide the best information to customers.

  • Knowing income and expenses

As an entrepreneur, you must look at all the expenditure flows in your business. Starting from capital, the cost of renting a place, electricity costs, taxes, office equipment, employee salaries, and many others. You need to know how much you spend, then what is the target income that must be generated to generate profits for the business. In addition, you also need to know all prices in order to avoid fraud that can be charged from unnecessary costs.

  • Ability to choose employees

In building a business, sooner or later you will definitely need employees. You must have the skills in determining and selecting prospective employees to fit the business vision and mission in the long term in the future. Of course the errors in recruitment can have a negative impact on operational continuity.

  • Have good communication skills

One of the important things you must master is to communicate well with outside parties. If you want to build a business, it certainly will involve a lot of outsiders. For example, in matters of licensing or cooperation. Of course you have to know who are the people you should work with. There are also environmental safety factors that must be considered. Here is a technique to establish good communication is needed so that your business can run smoothly and be well received by the surrounding environment. Good communication skills are also needed when dealing with partners of suppliers, vendors, or consumers.

  • Understand the right promotional techniques

You need to know the right and precise promotion techniques or methods to be able to sell efficiently, both the products and services you sell. In addition to offline promotion techniques, you can use social media and websites for online promotion. In addition to promotion, social media is also useful for branding certain products to increase business popularity.

  • Don’t give up easily

The last step you must have is not to give up easily with the business that is being run. To achieve success with a business, there is no easy or instant way. Of course this last factor will greatly influence the other steps you take. In every business there will be obstacles and obstacles in it. As an entrepreneur, you need a strong mentality and an attitude of not giving up so you can do business well. You must be able to focus on the business that you are running so you can continue to develop and create new innovations.

That was the first few steps to building entrepreneurship that you can do. What do you think? Maybe it sounded corny at a glance. But if you really have done the above things as well as possible, surely your business can grow and develop quickly. There is no business that is easy to do. But if you continue to do action, then nothing is impossible if your business can be successful in the future. Remember, business is practiced, not just planned.