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Now we will divulge a little secret from the Alibaba Group boss, Jack Ma. Who is Jack Ma? He is one of the richest people in Asia who comes from China. He is the inventor and owner of the Alibaba Group, a multinational retail and technology retail center from China which is one of the largest in the world.

The Alibaba group itself is based in Hangzhou, China. The Alibaba Group itself oversees several companies in several fields, namely:

  1. Companies in the Cyber World (E-Commerce) and Retail Shopping namely Alibaba.com, AliExpress, Taobao, Fliggy Corporate, Lazada, 11 Main.
  2. Companies in the field of Duniay Maya Storage (Cloud Computing) and Artificial Intelligence Technology (Artificial Intelligence) such as Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun), AliGenie, AliOS.
  3. Company in the field of Financial Technology and Online Payment Platform, namely Alipay.
  4. Companies in Media and Entertainment, namely AliMusic, Alibaba Pictures, Youku Tudou, South China Morning Post.
  5. Companies in the field of Digital Technology, namely Aliwangwang, Yahoo! China, Laiwang, UCWeb, AutoNavi.
  6. The company in the field of Sports and health, namely AliSports, AliHealth.

That’s why Jack Ma is one of the richest people in Asia. Before becoming like this, the past owner of Ma Yun’s real name was very different 180 degrees. Jack Ma was born to a family with a low economy. His parents are only traditional musicians and storytellers.

Then what is the secret behind his success? Listen carefully, 10 Success Tips from Jack Ma.

  • Never give up

Before catching Alibaba, Jack Ma is a loser. He tried to register 10 times to Harvard University and always failed. Then he entered Teacher Hang Zhou University with 3 failures before finally on the fourth trial he managed to enter. After graduating, becoming an English teacher with a very low salary.

After graduating, he applied for a job 30 times, and was rejected all. When applying for the police, 3 people from 4 applicants were accepted except Jack Ma. Including when applying at KFC in China, as many as 24 applicants and only 23 applicants were accepted, except Jack Ma.

  • Always Take Care of Dreams

In the past, Jack Ma saw a story about Alibaba that could open a secret cave filled with treasure by saying the secret code “Open Sesame”. And because of that Jack Ma is motivated to have dreams like Alibaba that have the secret code to be successful in the future.

  • Ignore Other People’s Mockery

At the launch of Alipay, many people cheated Jack Ma by saying Alipay was a failed product. But Jack Ma didn’t care about it and continued to develop Alipay. And a few years after its launch Alipay has 800 million users worldwide.

  • Do not complain

Don’t complain, you look for opportunities. Like Jack Ma, who has always been a loser because he was rejected. But he never complained, but still tried and looked for an opportunity.

  • Stay focus

Stay focused on the mission and goals. In running a business, Jack Ma remained focused and aimed at developing his business. Many people offer new business ideas. However, as long as it’s not related and the vision and mission of Jack Ma’s business, then Jack Ma bravely says no.

  • Make it a culture

A culture here is a culture for discipline, hard work, social and moral values. Because by making a culture, Alibaba, which used to only have 18 employees, now becomes 20,000 employees. And that is not because of technology, but because of preserving culture. That’s what Jack Ma said.

  • Get inspiration

A Jack Ma becomes successful because of getting inspiration. One of his inspirations came from Movie or Film. Some films really inspired him. He can make a speech, learning English is all thanks to watching a movie and imitating it. But what is taken is positive things.

  • The spirit of competing

Jack Ma in running his business is always passionate about competing with other companies in the world. Jack Ma always gives concern to colleagues and employees not to give up when other companies are superior. However, it must be excited because in this world everyone competes, so they can continue to innovate and develop.

  • Find A Good Name

In giving a name to a business or business, Jack Ma chose a good name and was easily recognized by everyone in the world. And that is the reason, Jack Ma chose the name Alibaba. Because Alibaba’s story is very famous in the world, and very unique with the code “Open Sesame”. In addition, Alibaba begins with the letter “A”, which is why Alibaba’s vision is always at the top in alphabetical order.

  • The customer is Number 1

Jack Ma’s priority in doing business is the customer as number one, employee as number 2, and shareholder as number 3. Because when customers give us money, employees help our work and give ideas and innovation, and shareholders are only capital supporters to expand and expand the business. Why is shareholder number 3? Because during a bankruptcy, customers and employees will stay together, but the shareholders run away with their money.

Well, that’s 10 secrets of success from Jack Ma and making Alibaba a giant multinational company in the world. Hopefully it will be an inspiration and motivation for all of us. That is all and thank you.