The startup business is currently mushrooming. We can see that today many people want to make a startup. Good for the field of business, or indeed interested in solving a problem in the community. You could say that building a startup is quite difficult. Moreover, finding people who have the same vision and mission in building a startup. As a startup develops, the team also develops. Starting from the increasing number of employees and the addition of divisions.

A startup should have a good and solid team. Especially if you have a dream to build a startup to become a startup startup. Of course you have to start from an internal team first. But the problem is, many startup founders are still not able to build a good and solid team. Usually they are too focused on products and services, while the team is less attention. So that you can build a good and solid startup team, you should consider the following tips.

  • Building a startup culture

As a first step, a founder and co-founder of a startup should form a corporate culture first. You can build a startup culture in the office, such as how the atmosphere works at a startup, workflow, work speed, and many others. You should first create a company culture and value that will be embedded in the internal team.

  • Giving trust to the team

A good and solid team will certainly affect the quality of the startup. The way to equalize quality between individuals is by giving them trust. You can trust them to handle several large projects. Usually many startup founders find it hard to give trust to their own team. Even though this can affect the quality of the team at your startup, you know. You should give a little confidence to the members of your startup team.

  • Improve individual quality

One precise step that can be done is to improve the quality of individuals on your startup, for example skills. You can provide space for employees to improve their skills. For example by providing training and workshops that have to do with their work or passion.

  • Providing career paths

Career path is one of the important things for employees. You need to create a career path and career prospects on your startup so that team members get more excited about work. By having a clear career management, the team will also have high quality and loyalty to the company.

  • Maximizing the recruitment process

When starting the process of recruiting new team members, you can pay attention to important things that must be taken into consideration in choosing candidates. First, try to understand what their specific knowledge of the case study & test. Then also know the value and culture of that person, whether it is in accordance with your startup or not.

Those were some tips for building a good and solid startup team. What do you think? Finding the right person is easy to do. If you are not able to do this yourself, you can find a reliable recruiter to assist the employee recruitment process. After getting a qualified team member, keep this as much as possible. Remember, the success of a startup is certainly the result of the joint work of a great and strong team. Welcome to find your best team!